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A Journey of Passion and Drive

LactaLearning sprang from the passion and drive of its founders, Barbara Robertson and Nancy Mohrbacher. With a combined 60+ years in the lactation field, Barbara and Nancy joined forces remotely in 2020 at the peak of the Covid isolation. While creating fun and interactive online lactation education, a eureka moment occurred when they realized their complementary backgrounds and strengths made them an unbeatable team. That’s when LactaLearning was conceived.
Why is LactaLearning a critically needed resource? Barbara knew from studying for her Master’s degree in Curriculum Development and her dedication to effective adult education that PowerPoint presentations and even live lectures alone are not the best ways to retain information and integrate it into practice. She knew there was a better way!

Balancing Head and Heart

Barbara’s vision of more effective lactation education meshed perfectly with Nancy’s knowledge of lactation research and her international work in a wide variety of lactation settings. In many ways, their whole was greater than the sum of their parts.

The passion both Barbara and Nancy bring to LactaLearning began with their personal breastfeeding experiences and their first helping role as La Leche League leaders. Their grounding in peer support convinced them that to be truly effective, lactation help and education must strike the right balance between head and heart. This concept is a key part of LactaLearning’s mission.
Barbara and Nancy both focused on this balance in their private lactation practices (Barbara in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Nancy in Chicago), as well as their professional lactation trainings.

Head and heart are also carefully balanced with intention and love within LactaLearning’s course offerings, many of which originated on Barbara’s website for the Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor. One of LactaLearning’s goals is to carry that ideal balance into all our publications, offerings, and events.

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New in 2023-2024

Our 95-Hour CCLS Self-Study course which fulfills one of the requirements of becoming an IBCLC, has been very successful! People are loving it! Its course fee includes a PDF copy of Nancy’s comprehensive textbook, Breastfeeding Answers, 2nd Edition, and monthly live 60-minute virtual check-ins with Barbara and Nancy, where they review critical points and students can ask their burning questions. Also new in 2024 was our one-day LactaLearning lactation conference with well-known authors Catherine Watson Genna, Nancy, Barbara, and Jessica Beemsterboer AND a new book group with Kay Hoover in Fall of 2024. The 2023 Edition of Supporting Sucking Skills Book Group will be in Spring/Summer of 2024. Of course, Nancy and Barbara have more programs in the works! Come explore and nurture your passion with us!

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