LactaLearning offers two interactive options for WIC staff training and certification.

Now Offering Certification!

LCE - Lactation Counselor and Educator

This 45 hour professional lactation training is designed to specifically meet the Level Three training needed by WIC staff. This course will cover additional lactation clinical skills building upon the previous Level Two training, as well as focusing on Motivational Interviewing, how to best communicate with our clients for effective interactions.

This virtual course will consist of a hybrid model using an online learning system, Thinkific, and live Zoom Meetings. The participants will be doing 18 hour of pre-work lessons and assignments, meeting for two days of live Zoom meetings, doing another 6 hours of online pre-work, and then meeting for a final day of a live Zoom meeting. A final quiz and evaluation will finish this training. The goal of the course is to be able to take the theoretical clinical knowledge and be able to apply these skills to the actual work with families.

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What does it mean to be a certified LCE?

Certification guarantees that the person has:

  • Completed a top-quality professional training program, focused on lactation and communication skills
  • Demonstrated competency regarding core relevant knowledge through activities and a 47 question test
  • Agreed to abide by a defined Scope of Practice for an LCE (see below)

Certification Requirements

  • Complete 45-hour training course, focused on lactation and communication skills
    • Review lessons and turn in assignments of self-paced pre-work components
    • Attend and engage in live group training days
    • Pass test to show knowledge and understanding
  • Agree to Abide by the LCE Scope of Practice


In order to maintain your LCE credential, you may choose any of these options within 5 years of your initial certification and subsequent recertification dates:

  1. Retake the LCE course
  2. Earn 25 L- or E-CERPs, and pay fee of $75
    1. Include your proof of CERPs completed
  3. Gain CCLS credential through LactaLearning
  4. Gain IBCLC credential
    1. Send us your IBCLC number upon initial certification. If you do not maintain IBCLC status, you may use either of the above options to recertify as an LCE.

LCE Scope of Practice based upon the Breastfeeding Scope of Practice by WIC Staff Level Three. LCEs may:

  • Refer to health care provider for persistent nipple pain not resolved with latching and positioning help
  • Help with latching and positioning
  • Help with flat or inverted nipples
  • Help with alternative feeding devices
  • Help with engorgement
  • Refer to health care provider and help with mastitis
  • Help with plugged ducts
  • Help with supporting lactation with diabetes, thyroid conditions, pituitary dysfunction, being over weight, nursing while pregnant, and HIV/AIDs
  • Help with weaning
  • Help with providing medication information from Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk
  • Help with maintaining ongoing milk supply
  • Help support a baby with jaundice
  • Help with multiples
  • Help support a baby with infant thrush
  • Help support a baby with allergies
  • Help support a baby with food intolerances
  • Help support a baby with lactose overload
  • Help with supplemental feedings
  • Help with informal milk sharing
  • Help with bottle feeding
  • Help with pacifier use
  • Help with reflux
  • Help with abrupt weaning
  • Help with inadequate weight gain
  • Help with preterm babies over 34 weeks gestation
  • Help with weight gain issues

For more information, please go here: https://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/-/media/Project/Websites/mdhhs/Assistance-Programs/WIC-Media/Breastfeeding/BF-Scope-of-Practice-by-Staff-Level.pdf?rev=8a551b6efc6b4a30b44c54103a59fbb1&hash=0EE9EDC930E646D806E793FC82A14BD2


Use of Motivational Interviewing Spirit and Skills

What People are Saying:

"I can't even begin to share how helpful and well put together this course was. The LCE course covers a wide breadth of topics in breastfeeding and does it well between pre-work, live lectures and guests the course also covers breastfeeding from some different perspectives. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions during the course and the facilitators encouraged group discussion in breakout rooms. Overall fantastic course!!!"

Tonya, 2022

WIC Senior Peer Counselor Training

Barbara Robertson, MA, IBCLC has developed a new 3 day training for WIC staff!

This training is designed to provide WIC Peer Counselors more information and experience in the areas of:

  1. The benefits of breastfeeding
  2. Motivational Interviewing- Communication skills
  3. Ethics- The role and responsibility of the WIC Peer Counselor
  4. How to establish an effective breastfeeding class and support group
  5. Assessing and breastfeeding mother and baby
  6. Mentoring of WIC Peer Counselors
  7. Identify barriers and finding solutions to breastfeeding problems
  8. A new look at latching and positioning
  9. Working and breastfeeding
  10. Working within WIC Peer Counselor Scope of Practice

LactaLearning Book Groups

Increase your staff’s clinical knowledge and skills via live interactive Zoom sessions with the authors of some of the top books in the lactation field. Our book groups are the perfect way to integrate the latest information into daily practice.

Depending on group size, options for WIC staff include:
• schedule a book group for WIC staff entirely from your state
• to share costs, schedule a book group for WIC staff from several states
• enroll WIC staff as individuals in a previously scheduled book group for lactation supporters in a variety of settings

Time commitment and number of CERPs vary by book. For details, click on a book cover below.

Motivational Interviewing for WIC Peer Counselors

What you will get from this program 

  • 5 E-CERPs
  • Fulfills the Lactation Education requirement for Becoming an IBCLC
  • The communication skills needed to actually with breastfeeding families
  • Is tailored for WIC Peer Counselors to be better equipped to work with their clients
  • Convenience of online learning combined with the community of live Zoom work
  • Experience of working with real breastfeeding families
  • Practice utilizing Motivational Interviewing using common scenarios for the daily work of WIC Peer Counselors
  • Access to support materials
  • Passionate, knowledgeable instructors who use the latest education methods for effective learning
  • 10 L-CERPs including 5 hour of Communication Skills

Description of program

  • 5 hours of Pre-work to be completed before the day of live 7 Hour Zoom or In-person Training. Then a 1.5 hours of a culminating assignment.
  • A short quiz at the end of the program
  • An evaluation to be completed at the end of the program

Improving Equity and Inclusion for the Field of Lactation

What you will get from this program 

  • 10 CERPs
  • An understanding of equity issues that face WIC staff each day including race, gender, and sexual orientation
  • A deep understanding of how lack of equity impacts our communities
  • Ideas for how to improve inclusion of marginalized groups in their communities
  • Live experiences with families from different back grounds sharing their experiences
  • Activities design to help participates examine, challenge, and shift their own implicit biases
  • Access to support materials
  • Inclusive, passionate, knowledgeable instructors who use the latest education methods for effective learning
  • This highly interactive program is hosted by Barbara Robertson, MA, IBCLC and Christine Stancle, CLC
  • 5 L-CERPs and 5 E-CERPs

Description of program

  • 5 hours of Pre-work to be completed before the day of live 7 Hour Zoom or In-person Training.
  • Finally, a 1.5 hours of a culminating assignment that will need to be submitted to our online learning system
  • A short quiz at the end of the program
  • An evaluation to be completed at the end of the program
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