All Things Breastfeeding 75: Best Lactation Education Principles

lactation educationWho cares about what kind of lactation education principles are being used? Isn’t everyone just doing lecture and power point? No! LactaLearning believes their are better ways to learn and with Barbara Robertson’s Masters Degree in Curriculum Development you better believe the best lactation education principles are being used to create all the LactaLearning courses.

When we say we want to help you move from passion to practice, we mean it.

Barbara is joined by Nancy Mohrbacher to talk about education, particularly about professional lactation education.

In the field of education, the traditional method of lecture and Power Point stills dominates the trainings that are available. Research has show over and over again that this is one of the most non-effective ways to help people learn.

The purpose of education is suppose to lead to change, in one’s thinking, beliefs, and behavior. In order for this to happen, the brain needs to be engaged, not passively listening to a person talk.

lactation educationIn this podcast, Barbara and Nancy talk about what can help make learning more effective, and then how they applied these ideas to the creation of their new 95 hour self study course, the Self Study CCLS.

Using a variety of materials, podcasts, videos, webpages, and yes, a few short power points, as opposed to lecture after lecture is crucial. There are reflection questions that help guide the participant to know what is important and what is not.

Finally, the participant has to do two assignments that require that they reflect on what they learned, synthesize the information, and then, most importantly, be able to apply it to a common challenge in the field of lactation.

Take a listen and see what you think!

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