All Things Breastfeeding Episode 80: Tara’s Story Pt 2

baby who was combo fed with breastmilk and formula because of low milk supply

This is part two of Tara’s breastfeeding story! This one got really long, so we made it into two parts! That’s what happens when Jessica’s best friend is the guest. They just kept going! Tara‘s original vision was to exclusively breastfeed Evie for at least a year. But as she says, even though these were her “best laid plans,” the reality ended up quite different. She struggled with low milk supply, and Evie struggled with feeding at the breast and was mostly bottle fed with pumped milk and formula.
Tara eventually made the choice to wean, and finished producing milk around 6 months. So the headline is, “Baby Receives Mom’s Milk for 6 Whole Months! Yay!!” We want to celebrate ALL feeding journeys, whatever the reality looks like for the family. And this story is very representative of a lot of feeding journeys. Despite her low

mother and baby who combo fed both breastmilk and formula for 6 months with low milk supply

 milk supply and other challenges, Tara did an amazing job providing for Evie, even though it wasn’t as much breastmilk or for as long as she originally pictured. But she is a breastfeeding mom regardless, and we applaud and celebrate everything she’s done, both as a breastfeeder and as a parent!
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