All Things Breastfeeding Episode 83: The Power of Words and Breastfeeding Success

Communication skillsHow important are our words and communication skills as lactation professionals for our families’ success? This episode is all about the power of words as lactation supporters to boost or undermine our nursing families self efficacy.

Barbara and Jessica discuss how the social emotional state of breast/chestfeeding families plays a huge role in the postpartum period and whether or not a family will achieve their infant feeding goals. With all the voices directed at families in the post-partum period, our words as health care providers can be that of empowerment or dis-empowerment.

Do we take this seriously enough? We know the social emotional health of our families is important, but have we given it enough weight? Are we considering the weight of how our words are impacting their social emotional state?

Give this podcast a listen to dig into this topic more. Barbara shares examples of how our communication skills play out with real life families and introduces new research that emphasizes the importance of how confident families feel and how that correlates to their success at reaching their infant feeding goals.This is one of more podcasts that will be sharing new research related to the breast/chestfeeding / lactation / infant feeding world as Barbara Robertson and Nancy Morbacher work on the newest edition of Breastfeeding Answers! You can also have access to the newest research and Barbara and Nancy’s reflections on these studies by joining LactaLearning’s newsletter or following LactaLearning on Instagram or Facebook!

Research studies referenced in this podcast:

Dagli, 2023 “The effect of online hypno-breastfeeding and solution-focused psychoeducation on mothers’ breastfeeding motivation and perception of insufficient milk: Randomize controlled study” –

Aderibigbe, 2023 “Psychometric testing of the breastfeeding self-efficacy scale to measure exclusive breastfeeding in African American women: a cross-sectional study”

communication skills

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