Group Training - CCLS 95 Hour Course

A woman of Indian descent is breastfeeding her baby daughter. The woman is sitting on a couch in her home's living room. The relaxed mother is enjoying the skin to skin contact and bonding time with her child. The image is shot over the woman's shoulder looking down at the baby and is focused on the baby. Family moments and postpartum concepts.

A great step towards becoming a lactation professional, or improving your skills!

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Fall dates are here!

Pre-Work for Part 1

Open August 20, 2024

Live Zoom Days Part 1

Friday, September 20, Saturday, September 21, and Sunday September 22 8:30 AM-5:30 PM EDT Each Day

Pre-Work for Part 2

Opens September 23, 2024

Live Zoom Days Part 2

Friday, November 15, Saturday, November 16, and Sunday, November 17 8:30 AM-5:30 PM EDT Each Day

All the pre-work must be completed and turned in and all the in-person portion of the course must be attended in order for the participant to receive the CCLS Certificate of Completion.

Group Training CCLS Cost

Option 1

Pay in ONE payment

Early Bird $1000
Ends September 1, 2024

Regular Price $1200

Option 2

Pay in THREE payments

3 payments of $350 ($1050 total)

Group Training CCLS: What makes it unique?

Fulfills the 2023 IBCLC Detailed Course Outline

We use the latest in educational technology (the innovative online platform Thinkific) for easy access to multimedia course materials for your self-paced pre-work —short videos, articles, links, handouts, studies, reflection questions, and assignments—rather than hours and hours passively watching pre-recorded lectures.

Provides a dynamic learning environment

By having our live Zoom check-ins before the live Zoom days you can ask questions, clarify concepts, and go deeper into the materials that interest you. You can also always ask questions using our discussion option on Thinkific. Finally, our live Zoom days allow you to practice the skills you have been learning.

Group Training Provides 6 Live Zoom Days for Deeper Understanding

The self-paced pre-work sets you up to fully participate in our live Zoom meeting days. These days are introducing new concepts and cementing in the clinical and communication skills needed by working with actual nursing families. Group discussions and breakout rooms are a dynamic part of these days.

The Best of Both Worlds

Online self study learning is so convenient but can also be isolating. Having the sessions of live Zoom meeting days combines this convenience with the community many crave. Why not have both?
The Group Training gives you just this, the flexibility of self study work and then the community of a group. Perfection!


Come to our FREE info session on Monday 7-8-24 at 7 PM ET!

Let our founders Barbara Robertson and Nancy Mohrbacher, walk you through the process of becoming a lactation consultant! For more information on this training and how our course is part of becoming a lactation professional, join us for a Zoom meeting on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 7:00 PM ET. Email for a meeting invite.

Or you can watch a recorded session where we answer many of your questions and review the process. Go here to view.

Refund Policy / Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy: A full refund minus a $75 cancellation fee will be provided upon request up to 45 days before the In-Person portion of Part 1 of the training begins OR until the time a participant submits at least one assignment for the pre-work section of Part 1 to be graded. To be clear, once a participant has turned in at least one assignment for the Pre-Work section, no matter how many days before the In-Person portion of Part 1 this is, no refunds will be issued. After either of these terms, no refunds will not be issued.

Transfer/Make-Up Policy: Should you need to transfer your registration to another training in the future when it is available, you may do so without penalty up until four weeks before a training begins. Once we are within four weeks of a training, we cannot guarantee you a spot in a future training but will accommodate you IF there is a training scheduled and the training is under-enrolled and we have a spot available for a $75 fee. In this case, you may receive very short notice of a make-up opportunity and should plan accordingly. Illness, family emergencies, last-minute babysitting or transportation challenges, and so on, are not our responsibility but we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your situation.

Attendance Policy. In order to provide you with proof of having completed the CCLS certificate requirements, you will need to attend the course and complete all assignments in their entirety. Should you become ill or otherwise unable to complete a training you have started, the Transfer/Make-Up Policy (above) will apply.

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