Comprehensive 75 CERPs IBCLC Recertification Course

Are you looking for an easy way to recertify by CERPs?

Our course makes it simple because you can get all of your CERPs in one place. Our Comprehensive IBCLC Recertification Course offers 75 CERPs, 70 L and 5 E.

Price includes a digital PDF edition of Nancy Mohrbacher’s 2020 textbook, Breastfeeding Answers, 2nd Edition. Learn more about what we offer here in this short video!

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1 payment of $799

3 payments of $275 each (totals to $825)


An Important Note

LactaLearning’s courses are not just an endless stream of PowerPoint talks (not the best or easiest way to learn). Our dynamic learning environment features short videos, podcasts, infographics, studies, handouts, animation, and more. We focus on the needs of adult learners like you.

This one-of-a-kind course structure allows the flexibility to work at your own pace and for you to easily focus on specific areas of that need improvement or special interest.


Summary of L-CERPs by IBCLC DCO Section
14 L-CERPs: Section I: Development and Nutrition
6 L-CERPs: Section II: Physiology and Endocrinology
14 L-CERPs: Section III: Pathology
7 L-CERPs: Section IV: Pharmacology and Toxicology
8 L-CERPs: Section V: Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology
8 L-CERPs: Section VI: Techniques
17 L-CERPs: Section VII: Clinical Skills
5.0 E-CERPs: Section VII Ethics
70 L-CERPs + 5 E-CERPs
75 CERPs Total

1 payment of $799

3 payments of $275 each (totals to $825)

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From Development & Nutrition to Clinical Skills and everything in between.

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