All Things Breastfeeding Ep 81: Julie’s story resolving ongoing breastfeeding pain

Breastfeeding/chestfeeding should not be painful! Ongoing and significant breastfeeding pain is a sign that something is wrong. Unfortunately, Julie‘s feeding journey was full of pain for the first few months! She was in a lot of discomfort both while the baby was feeding, later in between feeds and throughout the day as well. It turned out this was from multiple causes. If you are a lactation professional, this is a great episode to learn from a case study around how to navigate a complex case of pain. If you are a parent, this could be a good episode to learn what kinds of things can cause breastfeeding pain and how to recognize the signs of what is not normal to seek out help from an IBCLC. Listen to Julie‘s experience looking for answers and finally getting resolutions and pain-free breastfeeding (yay!). In this episode, you will also hear a bit about Jessica’s clinical experience of the identifying reasons and possible solutions for Julie‘s symptoms as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). If you are a breastfeeding parent experiencing pain, we encourage you to reach out for support in your area right away! We also provide virtual consultations that you can schedule at

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